Essential Wellness Plan (3 Months)


Essential Wellness Package

Lab Testing and Analysis:

  • Basic lab tests to identify key markers of inflammation and overall health.
  • Detailed analysis of inflammation questionnaire responses.
  • Thorough review of intake form and medical history.
  • Report of findings summarizing lab results and questionnaire insights.

Consultations and Support:

  • 3 Month Plan 
  • Personalized root cause blueprint for next steps.
  • 1 Monthly Video/Phone Follow-up Consultation: Regular progress discussions.
  • Direct messaging access through client portal, based on availability (48-72 hour response time).

Discounts and Resources:

  • 5% off supplements 
  • 10% discount on Rubi Lumi red light therapy products.
  • Introductory Functional Testing 
  • Health Masters Food List, Hidden Sugars to Avoid, Toxins to Avoid.
  • Access to one online course (Gut Health, Mindset, or Stress Management) based on your protocol.
  • Food & Mood and Lifestyle journals for tracking daily habits.





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