Our Passion

I help health-conscious professional women, whether they’re married or single moms, who are juggling the demands of their careers and family life. They often experience burnout, resulting in weight gain, anxiety, sleepless nights, gastrointestinal issues, and autoimmune symptoms. By uncovering the root causes of their symptoms, I help them regain their vitality and transform their lives.

About Dr. Rookwood

Dr. Rookwood's journey in medicine began at the
International American University College of Medicine, where she cultivated a
strong foundation. Her passion for healthcare led her to pursue a Master's in Business Administration with a specialization in healthcare management from Davenport University's Sneden School of Business. Prior to this, she enhanced her scientific acumen through rigorous studies in Biology and Pre-medical studies at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Post medical school, Dr. Rookwood's professional journey took her to Missouri, where she achieved licensure as an Assistant Physician and underwent comprehensive training in Internal Medicine. However, her passion for guiding patients towards better health extended beyond conventional approaches. She felt limitations in how to help her patients achieve optimal wellness. She, therefore, began to pursue the answers she sought for the benefit of her patients. She began her Functional Medicine training at the School of Applied Functional Medicine and also became certified as a Functional Nutrition Counselor.

Driven by her commitment to comprehensive care, Dr. Rookwood embraced holistic approaches and became a proponent of educating individuals about the substantial influence of lifestyle on their health.  Yet, despite her earnest endeavors, she
encountered the need to discover more impactful strategies for improving
overall well-being.

This pursuit led her to realize the importance of a shift
from managing chronic diseases and symptoms to practicing functional medicine
with a holistic, “Root Cause”, analytical approach to care. Diverging from mere temporary solutions and the reliance of medications that can sometimes exacerbate underlying conditions, she delves into the intricate
inter-connections between gut health, heart health, hormones, and mental well-being. By addressing the root causes of health issues, Dr. Rookwood's goal is to empower patients to attain optimal physical and mental well-being using
functional approaches to care.

Her philosophy revolves around the belief that everyone can attain holistic vitality in mind, body, and soul. Through her practice, she is dedicated to guiding clients on a transformative journey to unlock their full health potential. Dr. Rookwood's approach to addressing root
causes of health concerns not only introduces a fresh perspective but also demonstrates her dedication to forging a route to enduring wellness. This philosophy serves as the driving inspiration behind the name of her practice: